How to Make Effective Use of Text and Images in Web Design
March 09, 2011

Effective and proper use of text and images does make a difference in web design as over or improper use of any of them in web design can really impact negatively on the visitor, which often results in higher bounce rate for the website. First of all the text and images used on the website should speak for your company or business and deliver the business message in an effective and engaging manner. Use of good action text is also critical.

Another important thing to consider while using images and text in web design, is the simplicity element of design. Just a few years back, the tendency was to fill every available space on web pages with stuff (text, images, videos etc.) and empty space on web pages were thought of as wasteful but now it has all changed with Web 2.0. Simplicity is very important element of Web 2.0 design strategy which stresses the need for more focused, clean and simple web pages.  

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