Importance of White Space has Significantly Increased in the Current Web Design Strategy
December 02, 2011

Well those days are gone, when web designers usually tried their best to eliminate white space completely from web design. In current web design strategy and with the emergence of Web 2.0, the importance of white space has increased significantly. Now white space is used as design element and important one of that. Here I would like to clarify a point that white space (as some people tend to think) does not necessarily need to be white. The ‘white space’ term actually refers to empty space on a web page.

White space is a web design element which is still sometimes under rated by web designers. White space if used properly, brings simplicity to web design and makes things seem more elegant, focused and clean. The example of effective use of white space can be seen in the websites and ads of some big brands, which use it effectively to communicate their message and leave a lasting impact on viewer’s mind.

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