Important Website Factors that can be the Difference between Success and Failure- Part five
June 10, 2009


A favicon is used for branding the tab or window that opens the website in User's browser. A good favicon helps a great deal in establishing good image of your website. It is also very useful in the way that it is saved with bookmarked pages of your website which help in discriminating them from pages of other websites.

Color Choices for Website Design

Color choices make a huge difference in making a website successful on the web. Preferred colors vary from country to country and region to region. So selection of colors needs very careful analysis in which you should first establish your target market and then select colors accordingly. Blue is considered color of the Web. Color mixing is also very important. You should ensure that color combinations you use, have adherence with the theme of your website.

Website Hosting Down Time

Website hosting down time is a hugely important website success factor because if visitors come to your website and they detect that the site is down then it creates very bad image of your website. Websites with higher down time also face problems regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So you should make sure that you are using hosting service that is offering you maximum uptime.

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