Part 2 - Important Steps Leading to Creative Web Design
January 29, 2010

New Web Design Ideas:- After Web Design research, the next step is to come up with new ideas based upon the research performed for the website and needs and requirements of the client. This is the step where expertise, experience and capability of the Web Designer kicks in, as this step normally is the difference between a routine design and the winning one! This is where Web Designer should run his mind wild - no hold bars, and using his creativity and innovation should come up with as many ideas as possible.

Depending upon the level of creativity, knowledge, expertise and experience, a Web Designer can come up with multiple design ideas in a short span of time. Now at this stage the challenge for Web Designer is to narrow down different ideas to select the final one. At this stage communication is very important between the Web Designer and the client as the appropriate selection is critical which should fulfill all needs and requirements without compromising creativity and innovation. The creative design could also be the mixture of multiple ideas.

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