Part 2 - Important Web Design Factors that can be the Difference between Success and Failure
April 07, 2010

Following are some hugely important Web Design factors that are sometimes ignored by Web Designers. These Web Design factors can be the difference between success and failure of your website. Ensure that these are completed before you make your website online.

Website Load Time

Website load time is a hugely significant website success factor that has a great say in eventual success of the website. The more the website’s load time the less effective it is because visitors tend to leave the websites that are slow and take lot of time in loading. Slow websites also face problems regarding SEO because these are not properly crawled and indexed by Search Engines. Ensure that your website has less and well optimized load time before making it online.

HTML Validation

HTML validation is another important website success factor because it plays an important role in SEO of the website. HTML validation should preferably be done before making your website online. HTML validation for any web page ensures that it is compliant to HTML Standards.

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