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September 15, 2011

Mapleweb is a full service web and graphic design studio in Vancouver that offers top notch and high quality Logo design services. One of the most important identity related assets of the company, Logo is not mere lines and words on a piece of paper but a representation of the company image. Logo is the first aspect of a company that a customer recognizes. A great Logo cultivates a sense of belonging and familiarity for the company with the masses and thus helps increase the customer base and loyalty.

For last ten years, Mapleweb has been designing Logos for the leading and most competitive companies in Vancouver and British Columbia. With such distinguished past and a team of experienced and highly capable individuals, we at Mapleweb ensure our customers the best possible results, both in web and graphics. Our exceptional team will rise to the challenge and design a Logo for your company that will exceed your expectations. Contact Mapleweb today to get a no obligation Logo design quote.

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