Proper Use of White Space in Web Design
March 17, 2011

White space is a web design element of great importance which if used properly, can really enhance a web design and increase its effectiveness a few notches. Here first we need to clarify the point that what exactly ‘white space’ mean in context of web design. As some people tend to think white space does not necessarily need to be white. The ‘white space’ term actually refers to empty space on a web page.
Appropriate and effective use of white space brings simplicity to web design and makes things seem more elegant and establish strong brand identity, which leave a great and lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. Not so long ago, white space was considered to be as wastage area of a web page by some web designers but now it has all changed with Web 2.0! Now white space is very frequently used to give balance, proportion and contrast to a web page.

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