Readability and Clarity of Text in Web Design
September 14, 2010

As text is one of the most important elements of web design, its readability and clarity is fundamental for an effective and impactful design. Here we list some important aspects that can enhance readability and clarity of text,

Text Spacing

Text spacing plays a vital role in the proper presentation of text in web design. Its improper and bad use can really affect the whole design in a negative way. In text spacing, issues like spacing between lines and letters and spacing away from other design objects and elements are properly dealt with.

Paragraphing of Text

Paragraphing of text is important in readable and effective representation of text in web design.  Paragraphing of text should be consistent and well thought out the website.

Text Lines Length 

Keeping the length of the text lines shorter enhances the readability of the text. The longer they are, the harder they are to read. Normally small lines of text also look better.

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