Simple Rules for Quality Web Design
October 13, 2010

Nobody can deny the fact that web design plays a vital role in any website’s success. Below is a list of simple web design rules that are fundamental to a quality and effective web design.

1.    Ease of Navigation
2.    Consistency
3.    Readability
4.    Simplicity
5.    Cross Browser Compatibility

1 - Ease of Navigation

Ease of navigation is one of the most important elements in quality and effective web design. Website visitors tend to leave the website or lose interest if its navigation lacks clarity.

2 - Consistency

Consistency is another key factor for quality web design. Consistency ensures that website visitors don’t feel like they have been sent to a completely different website each time they open a new page on your website.  Consistency also makes navigation through pages within the website, a much easier task for website visitors. All in all consistency improves the whole website experience from visitors’ perspective. (contd.)

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