Text Typography is Important in Overall Look and Feel of Web Design
June 10, 2011

Text typography is important in overall look and feel of web design, as its over or improper use in web design can really have a negative impact on the whole website. Typography deals with the text related attributes like,
Font Type

Font type is a key attribute of text which should be according to the message, target audience and overall layout of the website. Selecting wrong font type results in poor readability of text and disturbs the whole design.
Text Color

Text color selection does affect the overall look and feel of web design. Some web designers tend to use low-contrast text which looks good but does not read well.
Font Size

Font size is another important attribute of text typography. Just a few years ago, some designers tend to use small font size for text, which often resulted in poor text readability in web design. Now with the strong emergence of Web 2.0, designers have realized the fact that text is meant to be read and there is no point in adding text on website which is not readable.

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