Typography in Web Design
September 07, 2010

As text is one of the most common elements of web design, typography (proper use of text font and color attributes) is fundamental to a more effective and impactful design. Some aspects that are tackled in typography are,

Font Size

Some years ago most of the web designers did tend to prefer using small font sizes for text, but that impacted negatively on text readability. Now designers have realized the fact that text is meant to be read and there is no point in adding text which is not readable. So font size should be selected in a way that it should make text readable enough.

Font Type

Selection of appropriate font type for text is important as wrong font type choice could really affect the impact of design by decreasing readability. Font type should be according to design and message.

Text Color

Some web designers tend to use low-contrast text which looks good but does not read so well. Text color should be selected keeping in mind the readability of text and its impact on overall look and feel of design.

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