Usability and Ease of Navigation are Key Attributes of a Quality Web Design
June 17, 2011

Usability and ease of navigation are primary and key attributes of a quality and effective web design.  Actually web design is not just a collection and alignment of pretty pictures and few paragraphs of text, as some people tend to think. Instead web design is a comprehensive process which produces a very effective modern day communication and marketing tool for any business or company, which is what we call a ‘website’. With unprecedented expansion and ever-growing usage of Internet, nobody can deny the importance of website as an effective marketing tool.
Usability and ease of navigation attributes are vital for an effective and user friendly website and effective website is a huge competitive advantage for any company. A website is a basic, easily accessible and premier source of information about any business or company in current business scenario, so it is essential that it should present all the business information and business message in a very usable and effective manner.

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