What to consider for an eCommerce Shopping Cart website design
July 19, 2018
It is great that you are planning to launch an e-commerce website for your new venture.  Please make sure you have the following aspects covered:
Design & Look:  The look of the website should match the product that is being sold on the website. 
Categorizing  Products:  Categorize your products that user can quickly get to the desire item quickly – even if it means to repeat some products in different categories.
Shopping Cart:  This part is very important – no fancy play should be planned – simpler the better – all required elements that drive a decision to make the purchase take place on this screen.  Quick or Guest checkout is recommended for customers who do not want to register. 
Payment Options:  It is important to know which payment method is preferred by your customers and make sure that is on the top of the list and based on your research include enough options so that user is able to finish the process successfully.
Security of Your Website:   We all get cautious when paying online with a credit card – it is important that your website is secure with proper security steps implemented – such as SSL amongst other precautions.
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