Why Good Navigation is Fundamental to a Quality Web Design
November 02, 2010

Good navigation is one of the most crucial elements in effective and quality web design. In web design elements, navigation is one of the most basic but its impact on overall functionality and success of the website is huge. So much so that website visitors tend to leave the website immediately if its navigation lacks clarity. Here we discuss few basic principles for designing good and effective website navigation.

Web designers should primarily focus on the basic aim of the website and the intended audience when designing any website’s navigational elements. Most websites are created to either inform the visitor about a product or service or to actually sell the product or service. So website navigation should be designed accordingly.

The website navigation should be designed in such manner that an average person does not face any problem in understanding or using it. While there is always room for something new, but normally well designed and effective websites tend to have similar navigation layouts. Use of standard conventions is also necessary for links such as buttons, menus, underlining the text or changing color on mouse. Resist the temptation to use clever, very different or unclear names for links.

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