Axiom Office Furniture

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-wooden-texture-mock

Through the entire logo design process here at Mapleweb, we go back and forth with our design options to see if anything ignites in our creativity – and it did! We went back to one of our very first design options. A logo design that complements its slogan – office furniture that fits – depicts a desk and a chair fitting together perfectly like two puzzle pieces.

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-wall-mock

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-glass-mock

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-black-wall-mock

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-white-card-mock

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-black-sign-mock

axiom-office furniture-brand-logo-design-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada-packaging-mock

axiom-office furniture-logo-design-process-by-mapleweb-vancouver-canada

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