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Building your brand by design, with Mapleweb
Your brand is what customers and potential customers feel about your business. These emotions are shaped by your products or services and how they’re delivered, and by all the images and messages you convey about them.

The starting point in developing your brand is to clearly articulate the essence of your company, its products and/or services, and the emotions your audience must feel about your company to want to do business with you.
That's where Mapleweb can help.
After more than a decade developing hundreds of corporate identities and logos, we know that successful branding begins with an examination of how a business meets the needs of customers – and how that’s different from other providers. Get that part right, and you can develop everything else that will ensure you’re continually building a solid brand: not just your graphic identity, but also everything else a customer will experience about your business, from key marketing messages to service strategies, customer support and new product or service offerings, etc.

By facilitating your examination of your brand essence, Mapleweb will ensure you have a solid base on which to create customer experiences that are relevant, consistent and compelling.

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The keys to your brand.

You may already have a detailed understanding of your brand essence. Many times, we’ve found, business managers have that knowledge, but you may benefit from our interviewing and development process in order to fully articulate it. Among the main concepts we’ll work through with you:

  1. Your company's core values.

    These are the ways of conducting business that are the most important to you because they are the most important to your customers. You don’t have to explicitly tell customers about these values – but they should be embedded in everything you do and say.

  2. Your current position.

    This may involve further research, or at least a review of what you already know, about how your company and its offerings are currently perceived – your unique attributes, your strengths and weakness, and how you compare with competitors.

  3. Your target customers and how they’re influenced.

    To whom are you selling, what makes them buy, and how do they get that information?

  4. Your desired positioning.

    When you’re at your most successful, what does the market say about who you are, who you best serve, how you’re different from competitors, and – crucially – how your target customers benefit from that difference.

Of course, there’s more to it than just filling answers to the questions in this outline. There’s your company history, and the changes in your industry and marketplace. There are trademark and copyright constraints. There are myriad choices to be made in establishing your brand essence, identity and experience.

That’s why we offer the interviews, research and conversations you’ll have with Mapleweb. It’s far from simple, but MAPLEWEB has the experience to make the process smooth, and to ensure you ask the right questions and get the best answers.

From this base, we’ll help you shape the graphic identity, marketing messages and attention strategies and tactics that will best reach and captivate your desired customers. And you’ll have the detailed knowledge you can use to further enable your company to deliver on that brand promise.

Mapleweb your business. Start building your brand, by design.

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