How to get a great logo

Your brand is your promise to customers, and what they expect from your company. Your logo is how customers identify that brand.

A great logo is instantly recognizable, inspires trust and suggests superiority.

Rather than depicting or describing what you're selling, your logo represents the quality of your company and the quality of its offerings. Your logo must be unique: to be effective, your logo must be created specifically as an original symbol to communicate your company's identity.

A great logo should be so simple and direct that it looks like it was easy to make... But the best logos require professional design execution, and a systematically creative process.

Get a free estimate for logo design

Please click on the link below to fill Mapleweb Logo Design Brief form to tell us about your brand. We would be delighted to provide you with a free estimate.

Mapleweb Logo Design Brief Form

Please send us completed form and get started!

Mapleweb's experience ensures the best use of your time and investment throughout that process:

  1. Design brief, to understand the essential qualities of your company and how you will use your logo, and get information so we can...

  2. Reference your industry and your competitors, and the audiences who will see your logo, and then...

  3. Creation of design concepts for your logo, developing possible images that will amplify your brand. This usually requires...

  4. Reflection, taking time to refine those basic concepts and then getting your feedback, so we can make...

  5. Revisions, ensuring that we can offer guidance and take your instructions for final approval, before...

  6. Delivery, which involves technically preparing the logo image to be reproduced in all the needed formats (paper, web, video, packaging, etc.) After that, if you need it, we can...

  7. Support you to enable the best uses for your new logo, alterations for brand extensions, and any customization for new applications.

Mapleweb can provide all this in as little as one to two weeks!

We have the business savvy and creative experience to help you develop a logo for your brand that is effective and memorable. And we have the technical expertise to make sure it will work well whether it's on a billboard, a business card, the web or on paper in any print process.

Contact us for an individualized quotation, based on your requirements for usage and number of prototypes and revisions.

  • Experience and a proven track record.
  • Positive testimonials from numerous clients.
  • A comprehensive and smooth design process.
  • Competitive pricing.


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