Lotos Construction Logo Design


Lotos construction, a Vancouver BC Canada construction company, required a logo design with the help of Mapleweb Logo Design Vancouver. Our design team created a logo that was essentially a melange of sharp edged symbols and lines to relate to construction through symbols that simultaneously create a mirror image of the letter 'L' for Lotos. Through our process, our logo designers also decided to write the company name underneath the logo for further recognition and ease. Finally, the entire logo design was created in a color palette most related to construction and also happened to be the preferred color choices of our client.




Construction, but make it cool. A construction company requires a logo design that is professional and powerful. To add a designer flair to a logo that represents what may be considered a mundane field of business was one of our more memorable designs. Lotos Construction’s logo was designed to reflect the quality of construction they do and the robust nature of the industry. Client desired that the logo should be designed as an emblem with the company name initials as part of it – so Mapleweb Vancouver logo design team focused on the design brief too satisfy the client’s design needs. Lotos is based in North Vancouver, BC Canada.





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