How to Make Effective Use of Text and Images in Web Design
October 14, 2011

How to make effective and proper use of text and images in web design? Well here we will discuss these two important elements of web design which can make or break a design. First and important thing to consider while using images and text in web design is the simplicity attribute. Filling the pages of the website with stuff (text, images, videos etc.) just for the sake of filling the space available, does have a negative impact on the website visitor and it increases website’s bounce rate. Design of the website should be simple, focused and clean.

Secondly web designers should make sure that the text and images used on the website do speak for company or business and deliver the business message in an effective manner. Images and text should be relevant and meaningful. While using text, great attention should be given to its typography. Text typography attributes like, text font, font size and font color, should be used while considering the website’s goal and target audience. Use of good action text is important as it has a good impact on website visitors and it persuades them to navigate further.

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