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A well Crafted company logo lets people know what you stand for. Vancouver Logo Design is instantly recognizable, inspires confidence, and suggests superiority. A great logo is simple, memorable, timeless, and versatile. An effective logo design tells customers what you're all about... all in the blink of an eye - let Mapleweb Logo Design create it for you!

Mapleweb's logo designers and talent will help you communicate your core strengths in a great brand logo design. We're proud to create some of the Vancouver best logo designs. We pride ourselves in giving you a memorable graphic image for your brand. Get started now!

Logo Design Vancouver

Logo Design

Logo Design is a very important task in any Graphic Design solution. A Logo gives your Business a unique identity and makes it stand out from the rest. Logo Design Vancouver is arguably the single most significant element when it comes to building a brand and increasing customer awareness and loyalty. Many business people underestimate the importance of a professionally designed Logo.

A Logo forms the basis of the corporate image for the entire business. Mapleweb is a graphic design studio in Vancouver which offers complete business and corporate branding services from logo designing to complete brand look at an affordable logo design prices.

MAPLEWEB is a leading Vancouver Logo Design Company that provides custom Logo Design solutions keeping in mind your target audience and business focus. At MAPLEWEB we believe in excellence and unmatched quality and our Logo and Graphic Design solutions depict the same. For us, every Logo Design requirement comes as an individual challenge and we absolutely ensure that we create something for you which is unique and belongs only to you.

Logo Design Vancouver

MAPLEWEB has been providing Professional and creative Logo Design Vancouver services, North Shore, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, other cities of Vancouver Island, and the rest of the British Columbia (BC) for many years running. We started our creative Logo Design business service in 2002 and have 20 years of experience in best logo designing and brand building in our region. We pride ourselves in Vancouver as "the Logo Maker"!

We are offering you amazing logo design services. As we understand, a logo is something that represents your brand. A logo is also said to be the very first impression of your brand and your first impact is relying on it. It is a very important element of branding.

Mapleweb will help you design an amazing and effective logo for your brand so that you can have a great impact on your brand on your audience.

Characteristics Of Logo Design

We add the following ingredients into your design that will take your logo and branding to the next level.

1. Simplicity 2. Relevancy 3. Long-lasting 4. Flexibility 5. Unforgettable


We believe that simplicity is the best choice for your logo. We help you build a simple but unique logo that can represent your brand. The advantage of having a simple but effective logo is that it attracts users and is easy to remember. It also very smartly reflects your brand. Take the examples of big brands, their logos are simple but powerful and are remembered by everyone.


We took relevancy very seriously because it is very important for the logo’s success and your brand. Having an irrelevant logo can harm your branding and will harm the audience. So we go through the proper study by analyzing your domain, area, culture, and nature of the brand along with their audience preferences. Then we select the relevant symbols, fonts, images, colours, etc for your logo which results in a perfect and relevant combination.


We believe that the best logos are those that last for years and there should be very little chance for them to change. This is also important in our design. We make logos for you that are timeless and there should be no need for changing them for years. Our designed logos reflect your brand nature and its future vision as well which is the best element to make them long-lasting.


One of the major qualities of a good logo is that it should be versatile. Today our branding is not limited to specific platforms, for better results we have to do branding on multiple platforms like websites, social media, pamphlets, brochures and billboards, etc. So the best logos are those that have excellent size, shape, resolution and dimensions that can be effective on all platforms. Because we should know that the audience is everywhere, we cannot assume from where a user can come so our branding should be effective and powerful enough to appeal to them on all platforms.

Logo Types

Mapleweb has expertise in designing all types of logos. We will deliver to you beyond your expectations. We believe to have expertise in all departments logo designing so that we cannot miss any demand of our clients. So we have a team that is highly professional and extremely talented.

Let us discuss some famous types of logos in which we have expertise.


This is a picture-centric logo in which an image is used as its symbolic meaning. But it should be meaningful enough in associating the audience with the brand.


This is one of the most important types of logo. As it includes the brand’s name very amazingly represented. In these logos, you have to uniquely and creatively present your brand name with the help of colours and fonts. These logos are the most efficient way of interacting with the audience with the help of logos.


Through these logos, your brand is very creatively represented by reducing its name to the acronym. In these types of logos usually, the initials of each word of the brand name are selected and represented in the coolest way.


These logos are risky but can be catchy. As these types of logos do not have any text in them, they only have powerful symbols but that should be strong enough to appeal to the audience. These logos can be a bit risky for new brands.


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