Usability and Ease of Navigation, Two Key Points of Effective and Quality Web Design
August 05, 2011

How important are usability and ease of navigation attributes in web design? As these two provides the basis for an effective web design, the answer to that question is that these two are very important in overall scheme of things. First take ease of navigation which does make a huge difference, as it makes it easier for the website visitors and users to navigate around the website, and get the desired/required information in less time and with minimum effort.

Impact of usability attribute is also significant in web design, as it improves the whole website experience from visitors’ perspective. Usability and ease of navigation are fundamental elements of Web 2.0 design strategy which stresses the need for simpler and more user-focused design. Making a web design considering these two attributes also helps a great deal in reducing the bounce rate of any website as users and visitors are enticed to navigate further. 

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