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Creative Flash Design Services in Vancouver BC

If you are looking for cutting edge 2D/3D Character Animation, Multimedia Content for your presentation, Flash Intros for your corporate website or Flash Website then Mapleweb is the right place to be. Mapleweb is Vancouver Flash Design Company that make best use of flash technology to bring life to the Website with mind capturing animations and innovative designs.

We are experts in the creation of Flash-animated movies that will engage your audience with movement, style, and pizzazz – and ultimately take your business to next level. Our Audio-Visual Content will engage your audience in a way that they will never forget.

Flash can enhance a website in many ways if it is used effectively. Flash web design is visually stunning and can achieve great user attention with on-screen movements and animations. A Flash Animation enhances your Brand image whether used on Website or in any other manner.

Macromedia Flash has grown into an extremely powerful development tool, with strengths that go far beyond its original web animation scope. We have created a range of cutting-edge Flash Applications, for our clients in Vancouver and rest of British Columbia (BC), to harness the tremendous capabilities of Flash. Most of our clients have been with us for years and keep coming back for more. We are very proud of being a customer-oriented and best Design Company in Vancouver, and we nurture all our business relationships with great care and love.

Our Website Designs and Animations are original and custom-made for each client, not based on any Flash Template. We are a Professional Flash Design Vancouver company, with a team of Experienced and Professional Flash Designers who will not compromise on Quality at any cost.

The major issues with using Flash in Web Design are File Size and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Flash websites, which are not designed properly, have the tendency to be very slow. This is mainly due to the fact that the Flash designers do not take the time to optimize the website Flash files before finishing the work. Mapleweb creates Flash websites that are fast and reliable.
  • Making Search Engine friendly Flash sites is difficult because Flash Embedded Content is not indexed properly in Search Engines  At Mapleweb we use all the latest white-hat SEO techniques to make Flash Website Search Engine Friendly. 

Mapleweb is a leading Vancouver Flash Web Design Company. We have a long client list and portfolio that reflects our commitment to long-lasting relationships and perfection.

Flash Design Vancouver

Mapleweb has been providing Innovative Flash Web Design services in Vancouver, North Shore, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler, Richmond, Squamish, Victoria, other cities of Vancouver Island and rest of the British Columbia for many years running. Our team of Flash Designers makes it look true and professional.


Paul and I are both extremely happy with the website created for us by Mapleweb: we have received many compliments! They took our initial idea and made it so much better: the result is a clear, crisp and professional looking website. It was a pleasur [More]e working with Sandra, and we highly recommend Mapleweb. [Less]

Alcina Barbosa

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